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Global Warming - Joby Martin Essay Numb Err Too 10/6/06...

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Joby Martin Essay Numb Err Too 10/6/06 What, Me Worry? In “Worried? Us?”, Bill McKibben says the sky is falling. Well, Lucy Goosey, do you believe him? Is he shouting to warn us of the oncoming train, or is he just shouting? McKibben is way too light on the science, however, and thus he leaves himself wide open for criticism. Richard Lindzen provides that criticism in his opposition; however his argument is also based on flawed logic. As sides are taken on this issue, the divide between them sadly overlaps the divide between the major political, social, and economic ideologies of our two-party system For the record, I count myself among the proverbial choir to which McKibben preaches. This choir member sings his praises- on the mountain, over the hills, and everywhere. For two years I worked as a field manager with the Pennsylvania Public Interest Research Group, organizing various campaigns public safety campaigns, on issues including product safety, the rising cost of prescription drugs, accountability in the corporate news media, and protecting free markets from monopoly and oligarchy. With Penn Environment, the UPenn-sponsored environmental branch of the organization, we lobbied successfully for the Growing Green Initiative, which granted $625 million to protect 40,000 acres of Pennsylvania’s undeveloped land. Our No More Mercury campaign and played an influential role in the recent introduction of PA Senate
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Bill 1201, requiring more stringent Mercury-emission standards for PA’s coal-fire power plants, the leading cause of autism among children. Working at PennPIRG exposed me to some of the immense amount of research
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Global Warming - Joby Martin Essay Numb Err Too 10/6/06...

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