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Super Colon Cleanse - Joby Martin Kin163 Consumer Product...

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Joby Martin Kin163 Consumer Product Evaluation #2 11/26/07 Super Colon Cleanse SPORT Colon cleansing is a multi-million dollar industries. There are countless chemical treatments and therapies, ranging from general laxatives to colonic hydration, or colonic irrigation, in which large amounts of water are washed through the colon. These treat what some call "autointoxication," a condition where stool accumulates in the colon, creating a deposit of toxins that collect and stagnate in before eventually finding their way back into other parts of the body (Bynum). Proponents of colon cleansing in general, and specifically Super Colon Cleanse Sport, is essential to a healthy functioning digestive system. But the truth is that autointoxication is, at best, grossly over-exaggerated. The body is incredibly adept at taking care of itself, and there is no evidence to support the claim that stool accumulates and exists in the colon for extended periods of time. Whatever toxins do accrue in the gastrointestinal tract are regularly removed through bowel movements. Even when it is necessary for a colon to be completely stool-free, like when preforming a colonoscopy, a simple pre-procedure purge is sufficient (Stamos and Mathis). Not only is a regular "cleansing" of the colon unnecessary, it can actually be quite harmful. Specifically relating to nutrition, no colon cleansing product can discern healthy nutrients from harmful toxins. Both are indiscriminately washed out of the intestinal tract, which can leave your body deprived of the essential vitamins and nutrients that would
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otherwise be absorbed in the intestine an put to good use. It can even have adverse, permanent affects on the organ itself, including small tears in the lining of the colon (Clark and DiPalma). This is not a secret, either. In December 2003, the Attorney General of the State of Texas filed six independent lawsuits against manufacturers of various colon cleansing products. The suits sought permanent injunction under the state Health & Safety Code,
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