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apa code of ethics

apa code of ethics - Joby Martin Research Methods The...

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Joby Martin Research Methods 9/27/05 The American Psychological Association is a group of certified psychologists, formed in a union of sorts. It is a governing body in some sense, protecting the best interests of both its psychologists and the field of psychology. The group’s code of ethics serves as a formal declaration of the psychologist’s purpose, and a definition of guidelines and procedures to follow. As we know, psychology is a behavioral science aimed at understanding the functions of the human mind. In relation to therapy and interaction with patients, psychologists are to accrue knowledge of an individual’s mind solely in order to improve the function of human behavior in relation to society. The code of ethics is a guideline for members to follow- a loose law, somewhat abstract decorum that is admittedly open to interpretation: The modifiers used in some of the standards of this Ethics Code (e.g., reasonably, appropriate, potentially ) are included in the standards when they would (1) allow professional judgment on the part of psychologists, (2) eliminate injustice or inequality that would occur without the modifier, (3) ensure applicability across the broad range of activities conducted by psychologists, or (4) guard against a set of rigid rules that might be quickly outdated. (Introduction and Applicability) While the use of modifiers does create a gray area, it is done so with out of respect for its members, and to protect their patients. Psychology is a human science, a social science, and should not be forced into absolutes. In a field where observation and
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dare I say opinion are foremost aspects, the APA trusts those who comprise their membership.
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apa code of ethics - Joby Martin Research Methods The...

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