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Joby Martin Essay 2 “Observing traditional gatekeeper values in the international news coverage of the New York Times” Abstract The front page section of the New York Times was examined to determine the level of balance between stories with domestic bylines and stories with international bylines. Once the two were separated, the international news stories were analyzed to detect the presence of traditional gatekeeper values. The results show an unexpectedly balanced split between national and international news. Not surprisingly, war dominated the headlines of most international stories, and even a significant amount of the domestic stories. Several other traditional gatekeeper values were observed, in addition to sociological factors, but further studies would better define methods of identifying and classifying them. Methodology The newspaper selected and examined for this report was the October 23, 2007 edition of The New York Times. The front page was exclusively observed, and the "World Briefing" section was discarded. The reasoning behind the decision to exclude the "World Briefing" section was that it was roughly the same size as the "National Report" section and contained the same number of stories. Furthermore, all are attributed to wire services, and oftentimes the size of these sections is determined by arbitrary considerations, mainly the need to fill space. The opinion section was also omitted (sorry Mr. Krugman). Once the stories had been identified as either national or international news stories, they were then more closely analyzed to see if any of the traditional gatekeeper values were readily observable. Stories were classified according the primary value they exhibited. When one story displayed elements of more than one value, it was then further analyzed to see 1) which was more prominently featured in the story, and 2) which one was more responsible for the story's “newsworthiness.”
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Results The table on page 4 shows the results of the examination, which reflect a very respectable balance between national and international news coverage. Of 34 total stories, 15 of them featured international bylines (44.12% of total stories). These 15 stories encompassed 287 total column inches (39.3% of total copy). Each international story had an average length of 19.13 inches, slightly less than for national stories (23.3). The stories covered a total of four of the six inhabitable continents, with only two (stories 1 and 9)
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NY Times - Joby Martin Essay 2"Observing traditional...

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