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HHS 241 Final Paper

HHS 241 Final Paper - Ron Walters Wed 1 PM HHS 241 Final...

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Ron Walters 3/11/08 Wed 1 PM HHS 241 Final Paper Self-Evaluation When I showed up for my first day of HHS 241 class, I would have to say that I was in the contemplation stage. It had been one of the biggest problems weighing on my mind at the time, to start becoming more physically active through either working out, or playing some sort of team sport. I could slowly see myself falling out of shape and in desperate need of some sort of activity to help fulfill my day, other than video games and television. The problem was that I was so used to working out every day during high school when I would have an after school sport to go to, or even just a weight lifting class, that I never had to go out of my way just to stay in the shape that I want to be in. Over the duration of the course though, through the help of many different labs that we did and hearing how being sedentary may not affect your body now, but will in the future, I went with my gut and started going to the gym more. This whole series of chain reactions taught me many things about myself. One of the biggest is that I give in easily to peer pressure when it comes to staying healthy. By hearing that healthy choices are going to make my lifestyle easier in every aspect, I decided it was time to stop being lazy. Additionally, I learned that by staying physically active I feel better about myself and am in an overall better mood throughout the day. My overwhelming sense of happiness then causes those around me to be in a better mood as well, and it’s just a winning situation for everyone! Lastly I learned that I am not as lazy as I make myself out to be. There were many times coming back from class when I would be too lethargic to want to take the stairs
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up to my room. Instead, I would wait in the lobby for an extra amount of time just to wait for the elevator so that I wouldn’t have to walk. It wasn’t necessarily that I couldn’t walk up the stairs; it was just that I wouldn’t. Now, though, I’ve learned that by simply taking that extra initiative you
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HHS 241 Final Paper - Ron Walters Wed 1 PM HHS 241 Final...

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