fire with fire - Joby Martin POLS 150 2/14/08 FIRE WITH...

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-1Joby Martin POLS 150 2/14/08 FIRE WITH FIRE The Use of Violence in 'Counter-Revolutions' This must be stated outright: it is never justifiable for one nation to occupy another. No reason may be contrived that could adequately absolve the actions of so many Western nations during the colonial period. The nations which are now so hypocritically preaching "peace and prosperity," freedom and equality, are the same countries who forged those precious virtues through the exploitation of weaker populations. That being said, a more interesting question is to what extent is it justifiable for oppressed peoples to use violence as a means of fighting oppression. At some point, and exactly where this point exists is certainly open for debate, a line is crossed so that the oppressed become the oppressors. They become merely the other side of a coin. Through ruthless acts of retaliation, they squander whatever sympathy exists for their cause and become undeserving of absolution. Violence is always wrong, regardless of how worthy one might think the cause for he which he fights may be. The most impressive scene in Battle of Algiers is at the press conference in which Colonel Matthieu announces the capture of Ben M'Hidi. Here the leaders of the two opposing factions are juxtaposed, and it becomes apparent that the two men are not really
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fire with fire - Joby Martin POLS 150 2/14/08 FIRE WITH...

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