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Outline - A Support(Source B Tie into thesis 4 Talk about...

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Ron Walters WR 121 4/14/08 Ruben Casas Thesis: In the seventh-generation of video game consoles, the Playstation 3 has been severely overshadowed by the Xbox 360. Purpose: To inform readers about the advantages of the Playstation 3 over the Xbox 360 Intended audience: Those interested in video games 1. Introduction A. Playstation 3 vs. Xbox 360 B. Why Playstation 3’s are better (use source for information) C. Who is talking about it? (Source for some discussions) D. Explain why it is a source for argument. 2. Playstation 3 is a better buy A. Support (Source) B. More cost effective C. Tie into thesis 3. Playstation 3’s blue ray is better than Xbox’s HD DVD
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Unformatted text preview: A. Support (Source) B. Tie into thesis 4. Talk about Xbox enthusiasts A. Response to their claims B. Support (Source) 5. Playstation 3 is better suited for more advanced games A. Support (Source) B. Tie into thesis 6. The Good and the Bad A. Support (Source) B. Tie into thesis 7. Conclusion A. Remind the reader of the topic, issue, your argument, and the so what/who cares B. Future directions or other ideas for reader to consider now that I’ve intervened into conversation Note: Outline is subject to change. This is just a rough draft to get the essay started and flowing....
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