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Walters 1 Ron Walters Ruben Casas Writing 121 April 28, 2008 Playstation Vs Xbox: The Console War In a world rapidly advancing in the area of technology, young adults and children alike have become infatuated with video games. Whether it is shooting aliens on a foreign planet, rocking out with a fake instrument, or driving their favorite car, it has become almost a necessity for most to play every day. However, in the seventh generation of video game consoles, the Playstation 3 has been severely overshadowed by the Xbox 360 . While both have their advantages, through research and personal experience I conclude that the Playstation 3 appears to be the victor in this ongoing console war. Console wars are not new to this generation of video games though. These wars have been going on ever since the first systems came out. The onslaught began with the huge battle between Nintendo’s Entertainment System (NES) and Sega’s Genesis system. The NES had ruled the market for nearly 5 years before Sega released its Genesis system out into the market (thegameconsole 5). Quickly gaining steam though, the genesis grew huge in America, and even caused Sega to try and reproduce its Sega Master System (SMS) with new upgrades. Unfortunately for them, its sales never were very high and it died off quickly. As Nintendo began falling off of the video game map, they released the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) to compete with Sega’s Genesis. It worked well, since Sega began withdrawing its Genesis to upgrade and re-release. Their release of the Sega CD however quickly lost interest in American buyers because of its slow loading times and horrible graphics (thegameconsole 6).
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Walters 2 Sega was down to bear desperation, and after the release of their Genesis 2 and Saturn systems, Sega died down with the rest of the 16-bit era (thegameconsole 7). After the 16-bit systems died down, production began on more of the systems that we know today. Sony came into the video game market with its Playstation system, and competed against the Nintendo 64. These two systems brought new life to video gaming and created a demand for better systems. Nintendo was not able to stay up to par with the rest and died down after the N64. Sega attempted to make a comeback with its Sega Dreamcast, but this was shot down by consumers as quickly as it was released (thegameconsole 8). Unfortunately for Sony, a new competitor came in the form of computer software producing Microsoft. The Xbox, as Microsoft called their video game console, was a very fierce competitor with the Sony’s newly released Playstation 2. Both, however, dominated the Nintendo Gamecube in sales and popularity. All three companies, Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo released their seventh-generation consoles, creating the war that is now going on in their Playstation 3, Xbox 360, and Wii
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Research Paper - Walters 1 Ron Walters Ruben Casas Writing...

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