Rhetorical Paper

Rhetorical Paper - Ron Walters WR 121 Casas 6/8/08 Writing...

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Ron Walters WR 121 Casas 6/8/08 Writing About Culture In our modern age, filled with technology, movies and music, we find the best way to explain things a lot of the time is through music. There has been a song written about nearly any complication or great thing that could happen in your life, and odds are that it has been a number one hit. These kinds of songs however are usually extremely over-played, and as such get old quickly, forcing a new number one hit to follow in the same footsteps. I find what’s best is to listen to older songs, or songs from a “one-hit wonder” album to find where the best music truly lies. For example, while cycling through my collection of older CD’s in my car while driving down the freeway to go back home, I came across my Eiffel 65 album, Europop (1999) . This CD contained some of the better music from my early generation, including their hit “Blue.” Eiffel 65’s hit “My Console” from the same album asserts that we should “just play it (the Playstation) for the fun/’cus we got it goin’ on.” They support this claim by naming several of the big titles from the original Playstation, which should be played “all day.” Eiffel 65’s purpose behind writing this song is to alert the world that they should play Playstation, or video games in general, all day just for something fun to do. The intended audience for this song is anyone who absolutely refuses to play video games, probably aimed more towards the teenage middle-class of America. Other possibilities though are parents who think that their children play violent
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Rhetorical Paper - Ron Walters WR 121 Casas 6/8/08 Writing...

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