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Jesse Bering, in his essay entitled Science Will Never Silence God (2008), argues that as scientists, we must toil and labor and toil again to silence God, but ultimately this is like cutting off our ears to hear more clearly. Bering supports this claim by stating “God will always bite through his muzzle and banish us from the starry night of humanistic ideals.” The purpose behind writing this essay is to inform people that even though science ideas are proving God doesn’t really exist, as long as there are believers there will also be a God. Bering’s intended audience for this essay seems to be those who are still somewhat undecided about whether or not there is a good, since there are always new discoveries, but there are also always new “miracles”.
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Unformatted text preview: Truth, in one of their many ads to join their website, asserts that you can get him where you want him. This claim is supported by showing a girl on top of a man in the back seat of a car, giving him a very seducing look. The purpose of this ad is to get single lonely people who are sitting at their computers to go to the website for some sort of hope that they will find their one true love. Truth’s intended audience for this ad is lonely single people who are becoming extremely desperate and promiscuous girls who are looking for nothing more than a mere hook-up....
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