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Ron Walters 5/14/08 Ruben Casas WR 121 Why We Crave Horror Movies: Stephen King’s essay “Why We Crave Horror Movies” describes exactly what it sounds like; why we as a culture love watching horror movies. His thesis is blatantly laid out in the middle, stating “if we share a brotherhood of man, then we also share an insanity of man.” He explains his thesis very well in many different ways, saying that in one way or another we are all insane. One example is the idea that as kids, we learn what society does and doesn’t like in order to do what is “right”. He uses a more direct example saying that you kiss your baby sister because your aunts and uncles like it and reward you for it, but what you really want to do is slam her finger in the door. You won’t slam her finger though, because it only gets you spanked and in trouble. This holds true for general niceness and murder as well. If you are generally nice,
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