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Ron Walters 4/9/08 WR 121 Summary Reaction In this essay, entitled File Sharing: A David and Goliath Debate , and authored by Adam Hood, the thesis statement is written in an unusual manner. Instead of it being located at the beginning of the essay, from what I can tell it appears to be almost at the very end. The sentence states “In the end, the file-sharing debate won’t be resolved until each side acknowledges what matters most to the other.” From this statement, we can see that the entire basis of Hood’s argument is about the controversy between whether or not file sharing should be allowed or not. While he doesn’t take a certain prospective as to whether he believes that it should be allowed or disbanded, he does bring up a lot of good points about what both sides are saying. For instance, when discussing the argument between Matthew Scrivner and Grahm Spanier and Cary H. Sherman, he presents a quote from Scrivner that compares different examples of music “stealing” from the olden days to the “pirating” of music online in our contemporary time. Spanier and Sherman quickly recoiled though, keeping the same momentum by not mentioning
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