3-9 Endospore Stain

3-9 Endospore Stain - Experiment 3-9: Spore Staining: Two...

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1 Experiment 3-9: Spore Staining: Two Methods (pgs.97-99) Purpose : To learn the proper procedure for staining endospores The spore stain is a differential stain used to detect the presence and location of spores in bacterial cells. Several bacteria, especially ones of the genus Bacillus and Clostridium , produce structures called endospores which are differentiated cells that exist within the bacterial cell (also called the vegetative cell ). Endospores have several layers including the exosporium (the outermost layer; made of the protein keratin which resists staining), the spore coat, the cortex, and the core. The core contains the normal features of a bacterial cell. Differences between the vegetative cell and the core : - complex of dipicolinic acid and Ca 2+ makes up 10% of the dry weight of the core of the endospore - dehydrated nature of the core which only contains about 10 to 25% water - the slightly acidic nature of the core An endospore is a dormant form of the bacterium that allows it to survive poor environmental conditions. Spores are formed when regular cell growth stops due to depletion of nutrients, adverse conditions, etc. The spore can germinate and a new vegetative cell can grow if conditions return to normal. Endospores are resistant to many of the things that normal bacteria are susceptible to – heat, drying,ultraviolet radiation, and chemicals (including dye). The resistance is
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3-9 Endospore Stain - Experiment 3-9: Spore Staining: Two...

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