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Writing about ideas - Walters 4 Ron Walters Ruben Casas WR...

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Walters 1 Ron Walters Ruben Casas WR 121 May 12, 2008 Writing About Ideas: Billy Sim Nearing the end of my junior and senior years in high school, I was faced with one of the biggest decisions I had experienced within my life. I was to decide whether to attend college and start my life in debt, or to immediately begin my life after high school with a job and debt free. Eventually I decided that going to college seemed to be the smarter choice, but decisions like these are what make life and its many components complicated. Every day we are faced with some sort of decision that will ultimately rule the outcome of how the rest of that day, week, month, or even year will go. Chuck Klosterman’s story “Billy Sim” helps display this idea as well. Klosterman’s story shows that through a third-person prospective, you can see the different areas of your life that you struggle with, and how difficult it is to keep every part of your life fulfilled. He goes into deeper detail explaining how true happiness is always a struggle to maintain. Conclusively we realize that the different aspects of life are complicated in themselves, causing life to be complicated . My decision of whether or not to go to college is based around one of the biggest complications of life, money. Money has been called the root of all evil, and seems to be a major problem for a lot of people. Those who have more money seem to overall be happier, and those without money are usually less excited about their days. This leads us to the conclusion that happiness comes from material possessions instead of family, friends, etc. Even in The Sims this idea of happiness being material is displayed. As Klosterman says, “The happiness of the characters is directly proportional to the shit you elect to buy them. As far as I can tell, acquiring electronic equipment and name-brand furniture is just about the only thing Sims find
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Walters 2 psychologically satisfying.” (18). Money isn’t the main source of happiness though, at least not
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Writing about ideas - Walters 4 Ron Walters Ruben Casas WR...

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