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Bacterial Unknown Day 1 and 2

Bacterial Unknown Day 1 and 2 - 3 For each of your...

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1 Identification of Bacteria: Unknowns Students will be performing biochemical tests on an unknown bacterium in order to make an identification of this unknown. Each student will be given their own unknown bacterium to identify. Students should sign their name on the sheet next to their unknown number. Each unknown number can only be used once. Day#1: Materials: (per student) TSB culture of an unknown bacterium TSA plate Students should prepare a stock culture plate by streaking their unknown bacterium on a TSA plate to obtain isolated colonies. Day#2: Morphology and Cultural Characteristics Materials: (per student) TSB broth (5ml) TSA slant (6ml) FTM tube (10 ml) 1. Observe the bacterial growth on your TSA streak plate and record the descriptive characteristics in your lab manual (Refer to EX. 2-2). 2. Perform a Gram Stain using isolated colonies from your TSA streak plate.
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Unformatted text preview: 3. For each of your inoculations use a single, well-isolated colony from the TSA streak plate of your unknown bacterium. Please return your TSA plate to the basket at the front of the room to be refrigerated – you will be using this plate for most of your future inoculations. A. TSB broth (5ml) – for determination of the growth pattern in a broth (Refer to EX. 2-4). B. TSA slant (6ml) –for use in the Catalase Test next time. Inoculate the slant by streaking a single, straight-line streak up the surface of the agar slant. C. FTM tube (7ml) – for determination of the oxygen requirement of the bacterium (Refer to EX. 2-8). All media tubes will be incubated at 37 o C. Morphological and Cultural Characteristics: Inoculations (per student) TSB broth TSA slant Fluid Thioglycollate Medium (FTM)...
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