11-1 Fungi and Slide Mold Culture

11-1 Fungi and Slide Mold Culture - Experiment 11-1(pgs...

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1 Experiment 11-1:((pgs. 312-319) Read ONLY!) Eukaryotic Microbes The Fungi: Common Yeasts and Molds (Handout) Purpose : To learn the characteristics of molds and yeasts and how to culture molds Molds Row Group Hyphae Sexual Asexual spores spores Aspergillus Row 1 Deuteromycetes septate none conidia niger Penicillium Row 2 Deuteromycetes septate none conidia notatum Rhizopus Row 3 Zygomycetes coenocytic Zygospores conidia stolonifer nonseptate Fungi- Yeasts and Molds - belong to the Kingdom Myceteae - Mycology is the study of fungi Characteristics of Fungi : 1. eukaryotic 2. Non-photosynthetic 3. Lack tissue differentiation 4. Have cell walls of chitin or other polysaccharides; not of peptidoglycan 5. Reproduce through spores which are for reproductive purposes only and do not give the fungi resistance to anything like the endospore does. 6. saprophytic 7. heterotrophs 8. Produce exoenzymes that digest nutrients in the environment then absorbs the products Molds and Yeasts are not differentiated on this basis alone because some species are dimorphic/biphasic meaning they can exist as molds under some conditions and yeast under other. Molds : - mycelium - mass of intermeshed hyphae; what is seen macroscopically - hyphae - microscopic filaments that may (septate ) or may not (nonseptate ) have walls - can form either asexual or sexual spores or both Yeasts: - have pseudohyphae which are multicellular structures produced through budding - spores - produced by budding which is an outpouching of a cell
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11-1 Fungi and Slide Mold Culture - Experiment 11-1(pgs...

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