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Revised 01/05/2006 Testing, Evaluation and Research Services 5221 Gullen Mall Room 698 Student Center Detroit, MI 48202-3940 313-577-3400 Basic Computer Competency – Objectives OBJECTIVES AND DESCRIPTION OF SKILLS TO BE DEMONSTRATED NOTE: An asterisk ( * ) is used to denote a skill a student has to demonstrate on a computer; if an entire category consists of demonstration questions, then an entire category is marked as * 1. Knowledge of basic computing concepts, 2. The ability to perform fundamental operating system functions, 3. The ability to use computers in a secure manner, 4. The ability to use common software applications, such as: a. word processing – create, save, retrieve text file b. spreadsheet program - create, manage, and manipulate numeric data c. presentation software – create presentations 5. The ability to use the computer for Internet access and electronic communication, specifically the ability to: a. gain access to the University’s computer system (e.g., Blackboard, Pipeline) b. send and retrieve email c. conduct Internet and database searches to obtain information and resources. (1) Knowledge of Basic Computing Concepts 1. Explain storage types 2. Understand the storage and performance measures, such as mega, giga, tera 3. List storage media and explain their relative capacities 4. Describe the difference between Internet and the Web 5. Describe different ways you can connect your home computer to the Internet 6. Explain what an URL is (2) Fundamental Operating Systems Functions 1. Identify different operating systems for personal computers 2. * Use the user interface Manipulate windows: resize, move, close, scroll
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This test prep was uploaded on 04/17/2008 for the course CHEM 1220 taught by Professor Barber during the Fall '08 term at Wayne State University.

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COMP LIT EXAM - Testing, Evaluation and Research Services...

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