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3-11 Flagellar Stain - Experiment 3-11:Flagellar...

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1 Experiment 3-11:Flagellar Staining(pgs 102-103) Purpose : To learn about flagella and how to stain them Flagellar Staining is typically performed using Leifson’s Method: Procedure: 1. Clean a slide and heat it in the blue portion of the flame. 2. While the slide is still hot, mark with a china marking pencil as shown. 3. Place a loopful of organism on the right side of the slide. 4. Tilt the slide so that the organism flows down over the surface of the slide 5. Completely air-dry the slide. (DO NOT APPLY HEAT!!) 6. Add Leifson’s stain to the slide and let the alcohol in the stain evaporate. 7. Rinse gently with water to remove stain. 8. Air dry and examine under oil immersion. Leifson’s method is difficult to do, so it is not used as much anymore. In its place, flagella are generally visualized with electron microscopy. Flagella are hard to see so it is necessary to increase the diameter in order to visualize them under the microscope.
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