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volume - not limited by L and thus goes all the way to the...

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Jack Lee Hour 4 The Pressure Volume Temperature Cell For the equation of the plane I took two vectors DC and DE and used their cross product to determine a normal vector to the plane, and then set this plane equal to zero thus giving me the equation of plane DCE. The integrals were defined using polar coordinates that is theta, r and z. To find the integrals, essentially what was done was find the limits between which variable can lie and set up an integral accordingly. The reason two integrals were needed is in figure 2(a) z is
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Unformatted text preview: not limited by L and thus goes all the way to the initial starting point of zero. In figure 2(b) z is limited by L and thus L has to be worked into the integral as the upper bound of the integral. The reason an integral represents the volume of this liquid is because the liquid is constantly changing with respect to many variables, only an integral can represent all these changes at once....
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