2nd lab write up

2nd lab write up - 1 O-Toluic acid has the chemical formula...

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1) O-Toluic acid has the chemical formula C 8 H 8 O 2 with the structure pictured. The acid is capable of giving and receiving hydrogen bonds, and for this reason is slightly able to dissolve in cold water and moderately able to dissolve in hot water. Because it is non-polar it is unable to dissolve in hexane at low temperatures but when hexane is heated it is able to dissolve in hexane making hexane an ideal solvent for recrystallization. 2) If 6.8g of benzoic acid were dissolved in 100g of 100 C water then the water was cooled to 20 C the water would only keep .29g of the acid in solution giving a yield of about 95%. This makes water a very efficient solvent for recrystallization, being the goal is to retrieve as much purified material as possible. It is fair to say that water is a suitable solvent because it got the job done, however if there were another more efficient it would be more suitable. 3) I) Determination of a Appropriate Solvent a. First we took small finger nail amounts of our unknown solid in the bottom of 4 different test tubes and filled each with roughly 5 mL of water, ethanol, acetone and hexane b. We then observed whether the solid dissolved or not, ethanol and acetone, in which the unknown had dissolved were immediately determined unsuitable solvents. c.
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This lab report was uploaded on 04/17/2008 for the course CHEM 221 taught by Professor Brandt during the Fall '07 term at Rose-Hulman.

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2nd lab write up - 1 O-Toluic acid has the chemical formula...

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