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Questions Pg.21 5. Why should hypotonic fluids be avoided in head trauma patients? o Hypotonic fluids (low osmotic pressure) can cause hyponatremia: o Leads water to diffuse down its osmoicgradient into brain from veseels o Exacerbates cerebral edema o Elevates ICP 7. Why do patients with head injury need medicine for gastrointestinal protection? o Cushing’s ulcers in the gastrointestinal system occur due to head injury and elevated ICPs. Pg. 51 3. What is the #1 cause for
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Unformatted text preview: subarachnoid hemorrhage ? o Trauma, this form of SAH tends to be cortical (outermost, superficial layer of organ) o Not associated with vasospasm 6. What is benign orgasmic cephalalgia ? o Explosive headache before or during orgasm. 7. What is a sentinel hemorrhage ? o Patients with aneurismal rupture may have a headache that clears o Usually dont present to medical attention until further, more devastating hemorrhage...
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