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Test 1 Review - Test 1 Review (Internet course) Test...

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Test 1 Review (Internet course) Test Reviews: These Test Reviews are not intended to replace doing the lessons and working through the explanations, problems, and applets in the text. These are not lists of objectives for the chapters nor are they complete lists of the topics. The textbook and homework provide those. These Test Reviews focus on topics and problems that students in previous semesters have been somewhat more likely to make mistakes on than the rest of the material. It is pointless to even read these questions until you have read the chapters and done the homework. After that, you might want to write out answers to the questions (maybe conferring with other students in your class) and then bring the questions and your answers to the instructor or a tutor so that they can help you with any misunderstandings you have. Test 1 : In the Review Chapter (Chapter 7) you can find lists of topics. Test 1 covers Chapters 1- 4, which is lists A through F in Chapter 7. Look at these list and make sure you remember how to do each of these. Start a list of what you will need in your notes to remind you of formulas or definitions you're having trouble remembering. If you need more details about some of these, including formulas, look in the Chapter Summary at the end of the appropriate chapter.
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This test prep was uploaded on 04/17/2008 for the course MATH 1342 taught by Professor Parker during the Spring '08 term at Austin CC.

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Test 1 Review - Test 1 Review (Internet course) Test...

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