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Updated Study Guide Exam 1, GOVT 2305 (U.S Government) January 28, 2008 1. Deadline: Monday, February 4 2. Exam format: A. Bring a pencil and pen B. Bring an ACC ID C. Format 50% Objective (T/F, Multiple choice) 25% Short answer 25% Essay 3. What should you have read? All assigned supplemental readings from the syllabus to this point. Chapter 2 Federalist #10 Declaration of Independence Chapter 3 4. What subject matter should you concentrate on/understand? A. Why study government? 1. Recognize John Locke state of nature .” Natural law, For a social contract to be legitimate , it had to be based on the consent of the governed . 2. Recognize Thomas Hobbes social contract . A social contract is the agreement, usually unwritten, that forms civil life . 3. Natural rights Locke’s idea about natural law went far beyond this. He believed that every person had a right to enforce the law of nature. Everyone had a right to punish people who harmed another person’s life, liberty, or property. Since the law of nature creates an external standard by which we can judge conduct, justice and injustice are real, even in a state of nature. 3. Political knowledge a) Measurement b) Levels (how politically knowledgeable is the American public?) If the eight queries are combined into a political information (PI) scale, only 4 percent of the public was completely ignorant, or “know-nothings.” But only 7 percent got all eight correct. The mean score was 4.5 items correct, or 56 percent of all possible “points.” If we score Americans’ performance on a standard academic scale of 90 percent = A, 80 percent = B, 70 percent = C, and so on, nearly half of the public got an F! c) Compared to the past? 32 percent of the 1946 public were know-nothings, and I have found that 33 percent of the 1994 public were also know-nothings. d) Among age groups?
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Study_Guide_Exam_1 - Updated Study Guide Exam 1, GOVT 2305...

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