Paper 2- Racism in America

Paper 2- Racism in America - Kokkinis 1 Chris Kokkinis UGC...

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Kokkinis 1 Chris Kokkinis UGC 211: American Pluralism Paper #2: Racism in America April 13, 2007 Communal Chaos For as long as the United States has existed as a country, the issues of race discrimination and ignorance have consistently been social problems. The African- American battle for racial equality with white America has been continuously waged for upwards of two hundred years and still continues to this very day. In 1967, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. published his research and own personal views on the history of racism in American culture. He goes on to say that the battle for equality has not yet been resolved due to the fact that the powers that be, a predominantly white club, in America are internally conflicted about their feelings about racial co-existence. The simple fact that this matter of racial equilibrium has yet to be solved says a lot about the American mindset about it. Dr. King reveals that the ideas of “racism” and “white supremacy” were not born out of intolerance or hatred. Rather, these notions came about as a result of rationalization and the need to find a way to reconcile slavery with the early American settlers Christian roots. The slave trade and the utilization of slave labor was a source of unbelievable profit for America and European powers alike. In fact, it would be sheer ignorance to say that early American prosperity was not due to the institution of slavery. But to enslave any human being would be immoral to early Americans. So for the sake of maintaining high profits and expanding the economy, the idea of “negro inferiority” was instilled in the minds of Americans. And thus was born a multi-century-long era of White American ignorance, an era which present day Americans are still trying to free themselves from.
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Kokkinis 2 However, according to the late Dr. King, there are still giant leaps that white America still has to achieve before the problem can yet be resolved. He says that white America is in and always has been in a state of “schizophrenic duality” in matters of race. What does this mean?
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Paper 2- Racism in America - Kokkinis 1 Chris Kokkinis UGC...

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