Transracial America (6of8)

Transracial America (6of8) - adversity and refusal to throw...

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Chris Kokkinis UGC 211: American Pluralism “Transracial America” Reading April 11, 2007 Up until very recent years, America has historically been seen as a lily-white, non-ethnic country, especially through the lens of the media. However, Leon Wynter discusses the recent trend of the media showing the vast array of ethnic and cultural differences that are sown and interweaved in the fabric of America. Much of this is due to marketing schemes aimed to appeal to the increasing influence of the minority consumer. “The stigma attached to people and cultures of color that once kept nonwhites out of the commercial mainstream,” according to Wynter, “is in permanent decline” (689). Present day America is beginning to celebrate the vast ethnic diversity and cultural differences, and the evidence is all around us. Wynter begins with the example of Muhammad Ali. Once viewed as an arrogant, anti-American draft-dodger, Ali has assumed the status of somewhat of an American hero because of his triumphs over
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Unformatted text preview: adversity and refusal to throw in the towel. Now, a large percent of American media icons are non-white men and women. People like Derek Jeter, Tiger Woods, Venus and Serena Williams, Halle Berry, and Samuel L. Jackson have become the faces of America. How has this come about so suddenly? Much of it, according to Wynter, is money. Commercial America is realizing that the fast growth of minority Americans is a HUGE market and that these demographics have enormous profit potential. With figures like the ones I just mentioned at the media fore-front, the American media has begun to attract a much vaster audience. This profit-motive scheme and the nature of a free market economy have spawned a new trend that is beginning to more honestly depict the face of America. And because of this new-found diversity awareness, a renaissance of the “melting pot” idea has come and given rise to cross-sections of culture across the country....
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Transracial America (6of8) - adversity and refusal to throw...

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