Animal Liberation Review (5of8)

Animal Liberation Review (5of8) - But it is the same mode...

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Chris Kokkinis American Pluralism Animal Liberation Review March 26, 2007 Peter Singer begins his exposé of the neglecting of animal rights by comparing the women’s rights movement and the civil rights movement of Black Americans to the plight of animals. He uses many of the documents and events of these movements to show why similar rights should be afforded to nonhuman animals too. From the first few paragraphs, it may seem that Singer is proposing that humans and animals share the same equal rights. He addresses this matter soon though, saying that what he is trying to show is that equal consideration be given to the needs, and therefore the rights, of animals. For instance, it would be absurd to give animals the right to vote because they can neither appreciate the significance of it nor have the capacity to make a rational decision in such a situation. Although many do not understand why there is such a buzz about the rights of animals as it is only natural to use a lesser species for human benefit.
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Unformatted text preview: But it is the same mode of thinking that was a root cause of slavery for centuries. Although it is known that nonhuman animals certainly are not on par with human beings, it is very important to take into account that these are conscious beings able to understand their environment and make rational decisions, at least up to a certain point. Singer then begins to talk a lot about pain and the response to it by animals. He points out that the animal nervous system has evolved just as it has in humans, and that animals experience the same kind of stress, agony, discomfort that we humans do. They even communicate their pain and discomfort as humans do; perhaps not with words or language, but with sounds that are unmistakably formed due to pain. Just because they may be lesser animals from an evolutionary stand-point, most animals do not have a lesser sense of pain and feeling than humans do....
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Animal Liberation Review (5of8) - But it is the same mode...

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