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Ragged Dick Review (4of8)

Ragged Dick Review (4of8) - what is necessary to the story...

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Chris Kokkinis American Pluralism UGC 211 “Money and Success” Readings February 19, 2007 Horatio Alger’s excerpt from Ragged Dick is a classic example of a rags-to-riches story. Richard Hunter was a young man who worked as a shoe-shiner in the city for very little and was looking for a new job that would better meet his financial needs. One day, by chance, Dick was riding a ferry on the river when he saw a young boy fall over-board. Without hesitation, Dick jumped in to save the boy from drowning. After making it back to the shore, the boy’s father thanked him very much and brought him into his friend’s home to give him dry clothes. Also, the father, James Rockwell, offers Dick a job as clerk in his warehouse that would pay him three times more a week than he was looking to make. The story moves very quickly and doesn’t really go into a lot of detail outside of
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Unformatted text preview: what is necessary to the story, so the story kind of comes off as a cheesy, quick-solution-to-the-problem story. That may in fact be what Alger was intending to do though. This short story acts as a beacon of hope to the less fortunate, under-class of society. Such an audience perhaps would not be very interested in reading a long, drawn-out tale of ups and downs that could effectively be told in a manner such as this. This story directly links the concepts of money and success together. It also ties in a moral aspect too. Dick was not at all hesitant to jump into the river to help the child, even though he was effectively putting his own life at risk. There were no thoughts of reward; it was simply an honest act of bravery and good-will. Dick’s good character is, in actuality, the root of his success and financial wealth....
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Ragged Dick Review (4of8) - what is necessary to the story...

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