Jews(7of8) - The Blacks and Jews even shared a large number...

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Chris Kokkinis UGC 211: American Pluralism “Are Jews White?” Response April 16, 2007 Sander Gilman poses the question at hand directly in the title of her article, “Are Jews White?” While reading through the personal ads in a Washington D.C. newspaper, Gilman comes across a want add in search of a “Divorced White (Jewish) Female”. The brackets, according to the author, indicate that the person who put in this ad sees Jews as not necessarily a separate race from Whites. Historically, Jewish people have long been closely identified with the Black population. Although the roots of Jewish history are not found in Africa, there was a lengthy period of time in which Jews and Blacks interbred. This period of time gave Jews the reputation of being an impure “mongrel” race. The deviation from the norm put a stigma of deformity on the Jewish race for a long time.
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Unformatted text preview: The Blacks and Jews even shared a large number of common typical physical characteristics. However, as centuries dragged on, the Jews begin to look whiter and whiter. Their skin tone greatly lightened after a long period of reproducing more within the white culture. Today, the skin tones of Jews and Whites are nearly non-differentiable. However, it has been commonly observed that it is still quite easy to separate White from Jew just from simply observing with the human eye. This is due much to the distinguishable characteristics of the Jewish nose, no matter how stereotypical that sounds. So it seems that, despite that the quality, tone, and color of Jews skin is very much white, the Jewish population does not quite fit the description of White....
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Jews(7of8) - The Blacks and Jews even shared a large number...

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