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Ad Review (1of8) - Chris Kokkinis American Pluralism...

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Chris Kokkinis American Pluralism Advertisement Review January 29, 2007 In today’s society, the average consumer is bombarded with hundreds of advertisements every day. A vast and overwhelming majority of these, no matter where on Earth you are, use sex appeal and play on male and female fantasies as a means to market a product to us. The phrase “sex sells” is as literal of a statement as can be in this regard. The attached ad for Hennessy, an expensive cognac, is no exception. The subtle and not-so-subtle messages that it sends out can be seen in every inch of ad space. The majority of the ad space is dominated by the presence of the woman in the ad. She is a very beautiful woman in a small bikini. This is extremely effective bait for most of the male population in the world, so it can probably be deduced that men are the target audience for this advertisement. This makes sense considering that on average, men drink twice as much as women*. She has a very playful “hard-to-get” demeanor.
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Ad Review (1of8) - Chris Kokkinis American Pluralism...

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