2-21_Ironies_of_imprisnment - 2-21 - Chapter 4-5 - Ironies...

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2-21 - Chapter 4-5 - Ironies of imprisonments Story time! Jim-bob and Joe-bob in Dallas, Texas…Dog laying on the sun…dog licks balls…gosh I wish I could do that…you better pet him first before you do that Means- the way the war on drugs is being fought Greater use of force and fire power o Similar to military Proportionality/ Disproportionality o Those who are disproportionately prosecuted (small dug fines) are not big fish Simple possession and low level criminals Similarly to war on terror with terrorists Page 49 and 50 o African American population in U.S. - about 12% 13% of drug users are in U.S. – on Par 35% are arrested for drug possession 55% of these are convicted o 74% serve prison sentences Shows over criminalization o Disproportionality for crack cocaine and powder cocaine Glen Bias (Celtics Basketball)- Overdosed on cocaine Massachusetts Court 1986 Law Prosecutors do not need evidence in court for drug cases just testify Idea that Crack is more powerful than power cocaine is false Also not more addictive “Sucking the dick of the devil” (doing crack) Violence went around economics not chemistry Sales created fights over territory U.S. sentencing commission Make penalties comparable Disproportionately 90% of crack were African Americans o 1% white 1990-1992 Case s LA County Case (page 50) Whites not prosecuted federally, only state cases
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2-21_Ironies_of_imprisnment - 2-21 - Chapter 4-5 - Ironies...

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