Prison and Prisoners Midterm Study Guide- Book and Notes

Prison and Prisoners Midterm Study Guide- Book and Notes -...

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Prison and Prisoners Midterm CHAPTER 1 -INTRODUCTION -PERSON - John Wayne Gracy (celebrity criminal)- -serial killer -killed 33 men (started with weakest…i.e. children to women to men) -received the death penalty -was an evil clown -used the rope trick to kill victims -all but 6 victims were found under the house -PERSON - Tonya Drake- -single mother of 4 kids -an acquaintance gave her $100 to mail a package and she could keep the change -package happened to contain 232 grams of crack cocaine -mandatory minimum 10 year sentence -PERSON - Christian Martensen- -Grateful Dead groupie -pointed undercover cop in direction for LSD in return for 400 dollars -mandatory minimum 10 year sentence -most offenders incarcerated are nonviolent offenders convicted of drug violations -many are low class minorities -understanding corrections = focusing on typical cases (not celebrity cases) -usually a consensus on harsh punishments for violent offenders -nature of punishment for nonviolent offenders is controversial -A SOCIETY OF COSTLY PRISONS -3 P’s of criminal justice -penalties -police -prisoners -US has more people in prison than any other country in the world -more money for prisoners = taking money from social security, housing, education, and rehabilitation -1.3 million prisoners in state and federal prisons -700,000 prisoners in local jails -1990-2000- incarcerated population grew by 5.7 percent each year -1999- US used 34 billion dollars on prisons -2001- 699 people per 100,000 was the incarceration rate -US ranked number 1 in the world -corrections- fastest growing part of the public sector -1998- nonviolent offenders reached 1 million -government’s reliance for social control is by its very nature coercive
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-PERSON - US Attorney General John Ashcroft claimed that a current BJ report confirms, -“Federal drug offenders are predominantly hardcore criminals with prior arrest records who are convicted for drug trafficking, not first time nonviolent offenders.” (Washington-Post) -his own department contradicted it -49% of those charged with a drug offense had no prior convictions -35% have never been arrested before -of those with a prior conviction, 33% were for misdemeanors -Government relies on 2 strategies to keep social control -Fraud- i.e. lying and rewriting history -Fear -BJ= Bureau of Justice Statistics -Huge influx of prisoners = more tough on crime initiatives- particularly War on Drugs -federalized a great number of drug violations subject to lengthy mandatory sentences -Race and class- -conservatives believe there is no such thing as racial profiling or anything strange about percentage of low class people -Public safety- -conservatives- more people in prison = less crime -radicals believe the media plays key role in creating a feeling of an unsafe place -also believe putting people in jail will not help the situation -lot of jobs in economy = incarceration is low and vice versa -PERSON - Jeremy Travis - wiser to invest crime control money in local communities where crime occurs
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Prison and Prisoners Midterm Study Guide- Book and Notes -...

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