Prisons and Prisoners Vanesa review

Prisons and Prisoners Vanesa review - P71-72 (gray bar...

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P71-72 (gray bar hotel): people in prisons for a very long time fundamentally shifts focus of training and GED programs to prepare prisoners for life as a senior citizen Prisons functioning as infirmaries Phenomenology: study of conciousness is a shift from the body to the mind ***John Paul Sarct, Hurserough, Heidegger, *** Foucault says the shift from the brutal abuse to the deprivation of their liberty was the birth of the prison Penal calculus: measure the severity of punishment by time spent in prison Shifts temporal field to time as a burden in prison in a prison world (I’m doing time) and a resource in the free world Free world and prison ward have very different views 1980s mandatory minimum sentencing of drugs Just war theory: six criteria and two pillars must be met in order for war to be seen as justifiable matching up the two with the criteria within them Proportion of tax dollars to hard control and soft control Rationalization of illegal drug use: African Americans more likely to engage in illegal drug use Prison lobby: corrections officers unions in statewide unions that are very influential in getting legislation passed for investment in the criminal justice system and jails
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Prisons and Prisoners Vanesa review - P71-72 (gray bar...

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