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Test 2- Sample Test - Hist 2057 Sample Test 2 1 What...

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Hist 2057 Sample Test 2 1. What essential role did racial violence play in the construction of the Jim Crow system? a. Under the Jim Crow system blacks feared two forms of violence. They feared race riots and lynching. Whites would often riot against blacks and would open fire on black crowds and this helped instill fear into blacks. Lynching was a form of punishment outside of the legal system. Groups of people would determine guilt and then would hang the alleged criminal while many people watched. Because the majority of people who were lynched were blacks, they feared for their lives. This kept blacks from doing anything to retaliate against segregation. 2. In what way did writers contribute to Progressive reform? a. During progressivism writing called muckraking emerged. This writing exposed all the problems in the United States such as child labor, corruption and monopolies. The most famous piece of muckraking literature is Upton Sinclair’s “the Jungle”, which exposed the horrible and unsanitary conditions of the meat packing industry. This disgusted people and helped lead to progressive reforms such as the food and drug act. 3. List the 3 progressive reforms designed to make state government more democratic. a. Voter initiative- allowed voters to initiate legislations b. Referendum- allowed voters to vote on legislation c. Recall- allowed voters to recall elected officials d. Direct Primaries- allowed for the voters pick who they wanted to be the candidates in the primary 4. What 3 situations made the United States’ initial policy of neutrality in the First World War so difficult? a. The US is a supposed neutral player in WWI at first, but this proves to be difficult. Although most people didn’t want to go to war they still favored the Allied Powers, thus not really making them neutral. Also, many private US banks were making loans to warring parties but this was not neutral either because the majority of the loans were going to Allied Powers. And lastly, a neutral power is supposed to have free trade but during the war countries were trying to block other countries from receiving supplies. Therefore Germany started sinking ships that were trying to bring goods to Great Britain. In 1915 the Lusitanian sunk and killed 150 Americans on board. This pushed the US out of neutrality and into the war. 5. Briefly explain the role of the government in the national economy during WWI? a. During WWI the government’s role increased in terms of controlling the economy. Wilson made sure that every factory was producing goods for the
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war effort. The War Industries Board was set up to say where natural resources needed to go and to fix prices. The food administration was also set up to ration goods and come up with meatless days and victory gardens so
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Test 2- Sample Test - Hist 2057 Sample Test 2 1 What...

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