Adams V. Jefferson

Adams V. Jefferson - Adams v Jefferson 1 What was the...

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Adams v. Jefferson 1) What was the relationship between Adams and Jefferson like before the 1790’s? Before the 1790’s Adams and Jefferson had an extremely friendly relationship. They got along while working together in Congress The two had different political opinions but agreed to disagree Bond for 15 years without interruption Election put their relationship on the rocks but after awhile they became started writing letters to each other again 2) What domestic policy issues divided the parties in the 1790’s? Republican party against a strong federal government, against the US bank, they didn’t want a British puppet state Federalists wanted a strong government Shay’s Rebellion GB slammed door on trade no importation from the states England could export to US so Americans ended up buying on credit people thought the problem could be fixed with just making more money but that led to inflation State and national governments were broke National government could not tax, they could only ask the states for
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  • Spring '08
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  • President of the United States, Federal government of the United States, United States House of Representatives, extremely friendly relationship, Anglo- French hostilities

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Adams V. Jefferson - Adams v Jefferson 1 What was the...

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