Methods and Materials

Methods and Materials - with the program, and the second...

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Jenna Handel Bio 103    L62 Methods and Materials To study aquatic trophic levels, a computer simulation program called Ecobeaker  was used to create and manipulate digitalized lakes for the purpose of studying how six  different species interacted with each other and affected their food web. The six  different species able to be manipulated were two species of algae: Cyanophyta and  Chlorophyta, two species of zooplankton:  Bosmina  and  Daphnia , and two species of  fish: minnows and trout.  Following the directions in the lab manual, Ecobeaker is very simple to use. The  experiment contains five trials. Throughout each trial it is vital to stop at every 200, 400,  600, and 800 days to record data levels. The first trial is an orientation to get acclimated 
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Unformatted text preview: with the program, and the second trial focuses on primary producers and consumers to develop a control group for the altered environments to compare to. The third trial experiments with adding a secondary consumer, and the fourth trial adding a tertiary consumer. Lastly is a trial for a group experiment to alter the lake simulation in any way they wish. The results of these trials show the impact of each species on their environment. With many trials and close attention to patterns that form when different species are taken away or added, this simulation will help form hypotheses and/or theories for what would happen in this real life situation....
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Methods and Materials - with the program, and the second...

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