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1 - b but the governor gets what the governor wants 8 big...

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The very basics Is Louisiana unique? V.O. Key 1948 book –Southern Politics Scientifically looked at southern politics but focused on LA Basically talked about the corruption Reputation grew from being known as just corrupt Colorful characters and exotic 1976-Transformation of Southern Politics Jack Bass and Walter Devries 2001 Tyler Bridges—Bad Bet on the Bayou Said LA was colorful and exotic Why and how is it unique? Evidence 1. more constitutions than any other state --- 11 2. campaign spending a. more money spent in 83-84 campaign than on American presidential election 3. corruption convictions a. clearly consistent in corruption level 4. more elected offices a. lots of people elected b. anything to elect someone to something, we do it 5. unique election law a. don’t use party preliminaries 6. high turnout a. voters among other southern states 7. strong governors a. usually with weak powers
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Unformatted text preview: b. but the governor gets what the governor wants 8. big bureaucracy 9. civil law a. French based laws(more people based law system) 10. parishes sui generis- 1 of a kind V.O. Key used it first Very political and very exotic • Politics - game or competition where individuals competing in groups compete to shake public policy with varying resources o Money o Create laws - abortion, drug laws, traffic laws = o Partisanship Trends • Over the last 20 years, the shift has been away from Republicans and toward Democrats except Louisiana • Louisiana began to become more like Mississippi even before Katrina, but the hurricane accelerated it • After Katrina: African-American urban votes left the state o Turnout Trends o Changes in Legislature o The New Normal Election Rules...
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