4 - Louisiana in Washington The UK is a very unitary...

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Louisiana in Washington • The UK is a very unitary government. An example is at one time Thatcher suspended the local government in London. Germany has a more federal government. A. Federalism : power shared by national/states Confederacy system- states have all the power. Unitary-federal government has all the power. There is always a struggle b/t state and federal power. The most recent one is the No Child Left Behind Act. B. Changes Power in early 1900’s increase with income tax and world wars Late 1900’s attempts to pull back power Futile attempts C. Louisiana’s fights 1. Civil rights/voting rights 2. Abortion 3. Drinking laws i. The power to regulate the drinking age has been left to the states as has the speed limit and election laws. ii. They never worried too much about the speed limit but they did struggle with the lower drinking age. The national gov. said we could keep the drinking age as low as we want but they will take away the hwy. funds. 4. Election laws i. LA has used a lot of their power on election laws. ii. Only state that didn’t use party primaries Louisiana In Washington Past Senate of 100 Years Huey Long (D): best known 1932-1935, after he was governor. Not most powerful senator, most powerful gov. any state has ever had. Didn’t follow the rules in court, angered a lot of people. Russell Long (D):
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4 - Louisiana in Washington The UK is a very unitary...

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