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8 - dominant party It mattered what democrat b/c the repub...

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Election rules in Louisiana and the other 49 states A. Intro: what’s “open” a. Open primary. People outside Louisiana call it something else. they don’t think open primary as we do. Not an open primary system like outside of LA. No other state uses our system. b. Louisiana election system. B. The 49 normal states a. Practical every election. They have a primary and general election Primary Party primary -the party selects its candidate. General election Who ever wins party primary, gets on ballet for the general election. Democrats and Repubs have to win primary. Independents can get on without doing a primary. It varies from state to state on what they have to go to get on. b. party primary variations. -open vs. closed primaries Open-anybody no matter how your registered you can walk into any primary and vote. Closed-you are registered to a party and have to vote in that primary. La had closed primary system in 1970 something. Some say, if you ant to vote in la you have to be registered as a democrat. B/c that was the
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Unformatted text preview: dominant party. It mattered what democrat b/c the repub wasn’t going to win election against any democrat.so to get who you wanted in office you had to vote in democratic primary.-majority vs. plurality -plurality system. in many states, primary is held once. Top voted democrat and repub. won election and got into general election. 1981-Chicago- Byrne-democrat incumbent mayor. White female. Daley-good challenger son of former mayor white democrat Washington-popular congressman black man democrat. Washington won primary. But their were no run-off and Daley would of certainly won next primary. General election-Epton-repub b/c of racial politics, Epton had a chance b/c many white would never vote for a black man. Washington did win, and even got reelected. If they used a run off he would of never won. Majority- runoff b/t 2 top candidates from each party. . C. The Louisiana system D. Courses E. Effects F. Change...
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8 - dominant party It mattered what democrat b/c the repub...

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