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10 - Democrats in this era did its best to remove the...

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B. past party systems -overview 4 party systems Whigs and democratcs 1812-1860 1865-1920-one party system-democratic dominance Louisiana is known best for. 1920-1965----- Remained the one party system, anti-longs and longs(bifactionalism) They functioned as two party system—the anti-longs and the longs We are on our 4 th party system. -Whigs/ democrats-more upper income/lower income Whigs- was divided along class lines. -democratic dominance 1860ish-1920-south is known for. Stayed structured like this in most of the south until 1960. but bifactionalism cut it short in LA. Democrats in this era, worked really hard to keep AA from voting. Why are blacks with democrats? The dems worked so hard against blacks. Now it is a totally different party. That’s why.
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Unformatted text preview: Democrats in this era did its best to remove the Republican Party from the system. Disenfranchisement-stripped from voting rolls. Literacy tested and poll taxes. It would be assumed that AA would be voting repub. during this time. Ended in 1920s Populism. 1910’s 1920s- poor people come into election play. Poor white men mainly. This threatened democratic dominance. People in south were using racism to get support. Was not quite as effective in LA. Huey Long. -bifactionalism Huey Long created this by appealing to something other than race. C. ante-bellum era Pre civil war era. Few people were voting. White men with property, they divided themselves into 2 parties. Whigs and democrats. Was very competitive system....
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