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Pratice Exam 4 - Math 403 Exam 4 1 The following table...

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Math 403 Exam 4 1. The following table shows the preferences for two brands of chocolate cookie in a recently conducted taste-test involving 245 college students. Is the proportion of female students who prefer cookie A significantly greater than the proportion of male students who prefer cookie A? Use a hypothesis test to decide, with α = 0.05. Show the p-value. (12 points) Cookie A Cookie B Total Males 94 85 179 Females 39 27 66 Total 133 112 245 (z=-.917, p=.1788, do not reject, there is not evidence to show the proportion of female students who prefer A is greater) 2. Mike rides his bike to work each day, and sometimes he keeps track of how long it takes. The data for samples of rides from two different months are below. Form a 90% confidence interval for the difference in means for the two years, assuming the population variances are different. (10points) Month n Mean Standard deviation June 12 16.78 1.32 August 14 18.79 3.24
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(.3639, 3.6561) 3. The following dataset shows the number of disk drives a company sells during 8 years.
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