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15 - Interests groups and lobbying A Techniques and Targets...

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Interests groups and lobbying A. Techniques and Targets How lobbying works when the target is a legislator. The most effective way is to know what you are talking about and provide information. 1. legislature -information Lobbyists provide information on what they want to do. -substantive information.- policy information. Lobbyists say this is exactly how you are supposed to do this. If you change this number to this and move this here, you can do this. If lobbyists know exactly what they want and how to get it, they can go a long way. Good lobbying means knowing your shit. -political information-knowing who’s on your side, who’s against you and where you need to spend your time. Its horrible if a lobbyists to provide the wrong political information. Knowing what big players are for it and against it. -contributions-campaign contributions. If your pro-labor or pro-business. Say you are running with pro-labor. You find a good pro-labor lobbyists and say they Im running why don’t you support me. Lobbyists even find candidates to run who will support them
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