23 - a commissioner of insurance 6 agriculture and forestry...

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B. organization a. before 1970s, it was the most unorganized thing in US. they would make an office to carry out programs, but they weren’t really connected to any other office. Offices everywhere for no reason. i. Before 1970s-highly disorganized ii. 1974 constituion: reorgainized by legislature, not subject to veto iii. Currently- no more than 20 departments. b. -1970s became sane/ organized—uniformly orgainized. i. Department 1. office management B. Departments a. Don’t memorize these for test. Cabinet departments 11 that report straight to governor---health and hospitals, traffic people, wildlife. b. know these for test i. independent departments 1. culture, recreation, and tourism a. Lt. Govenor—when he got removed from head of senate, he needed something to do so he got head of a department. The 2. state a. secretary of state 3. justice a. attorney general 4. treasury a. state treasurer 5. insurance
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Unformatted text preview: a. commissioner of insurance 6. agriculture and forestry a. commissioner of agriculture 7. public service—5 districts a. public service commissioner 8. education a. board of elementary and secondary education 9. civil service a. civil service commissioner C. Politics a. La can only have 20 departments in order to stay organized b. In order to be able to create department urban comm. Affairs Parish Government A. overview a. purpose---designed strictly to not be political. Designed to administer programs. Not to decided things. Like ok we are going to put a road here, you guys find the right spot to put it in. i. as government grew the notion of what parish government found themselves making political decisions. ii. the state was not at fault for this, the people in the parishes tend to not want to not make another level of government....
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  • Spring '09
  • commissioner, Civil service, United States Cabinet, insurance a. commissioner, B. organization a., forestry a. commissioner

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23 - a commissioner of insurance 6 agriculture and forestry...

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