Notes 1 - 29AUG07 Few would contest the proposition that...

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29AUG07 “Few would contest the proposition that among its professional politicians of the past 2 decades: It has had more men who have been in jail, or who should have been, than any other American state. Extortion, bribery, peculation, and thievery are not rare in the annals of politics, but in the scale, variety, and thoroughness of its operations the Long gang established after the death of the Kingfish.” Leche, the governor in the 1930’s said that when he took the oath of office he did not take the vow of poverty; he ended up in jail for this outlook. The very Basics Is LA unique? Reputation: corruption and color Evidence Why/how unique? Political culture explains: immigration patterns, geography. What are the facts? More Constitutions: 11 as apposed to the average 3.5, we also have the longest one. Campaign spending: more money was spent and a gubernatorial running that most presidential elections, such as the Edwards election. Corruption Convictions: consistently higher than other states. Elected more offices. Unique election Law, only state that doesn’t have party primaries. Unusually high voter turnout especially for a poorer Southern state. Strong governors: write a lot of vetoes, does a lot even though the powers aren’t that great. Big bureaucracy: even in education, “well layered” Parishes Sui generis: one if its kind, used to describe LA of Huey P. Long. V.O. Key was the 1 st person to use this term. 31AUG07 Political culture: patterns of thoughts and behavior that are widely held in a society and that define the relationship of citizens to their government and to each other. Alex de Tocqueville: Democracy in America. About American political culture, it was written in French. American political culture: possessive individuals Americans are obsessed with freedom; people even sit away as far away as possible from everyone else. Tocqueville noticed that about America. Where does American culture come from? Immigration patterns (people): rugged individualist, mostly from Europe found America appealing Geography (place): people could move when places became crowded. No one was trying to attack at the time. In LA it can be described more as hyper- competitive, democratic,
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participatory, and volatile. Sources: People: ethnic patterns. Many states have a mix of ethnic groups, but not exactly like Louisiana. The main ones are same proportion and highly conscious the Anglo-Americans, African-Americans, and Franco Americans. Anglo Americans:
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Notes 1 - 29AUG07 Few would contest the proposition that...

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