Notes 2 - 01OCT07 LAs Party systems Overview Responsible...

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01OCT07 LA’s Party systems Overview Responsible parties model The argument for a strong party system is that it makes the gov. work better b.c it is based on issues and rationality. Helps give voter shorter info than if they like someone’s personality. 4 conditions Parties stand for different things. Not sure if this is true at a state level. People recognize different stances. Can tell by the # of split ticket voting. Politicians recognize different stances on issues. Elected officials act upon the stances. LA’s week party system: conditions aren’t usually met. Weak in electorate Lack poli. organization Weak in gov. Lack on poli. organization Gov. supports other parties candidates Leadership legis. Non-partisan Weak party organizations: haven’t been enforcing things very well. Once they get into office they don’t listen too much. Changes: Electorate: nat’l poli. is becoming more partisan, this will probably trickle down. Move to partisan primaries for national offices. Government Party organization in legislature. Term limits strengthen party organization. More open seats, party organizations see it as a way to get their candidate in b/c people won’t know too much about the new candidates. 10OCT07 No notes/none were given during class 15oct07 Past Party Systems Overview 1812-1860: whigs & Dems.
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1865-1920: Mostly just Democrats. Democratic dominance 1920-1965: Bifactionalism, in LA in was Longs and anti- Longs Antie- Bellum Era: the pre war era, the South is well known for this time. Democratic dominance 1860-1920: as it was structured in LA, was structured the same in the rest of the South until about 1960. LA had Longism instead for a while. During this time democrats worked hard to keep AA’s off the poles. The Democratic Party of this time did its best to remove the Republican Party from the system. The Republicans removed the Whigs. Used to do the white primaries, literacy test, etc… Ended in 1920’s- Populism, pure democratic domination. Mostly rich white men were voting, they wanted to break down class lines 1 st , then gender, and then race. In other states racism was used to rally white votes; it didn’t work as well in LA. Long wanted to appeal to something other than race.
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Notes 2 - 01OCT07 LAs Party systems Overview Responsible...

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