4.22 LARCH 060

4.22 LARCH 060 - appreciated much in the early 1980's they...

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LARCH 060 Thursday, April 22nd, 1999 Announcements: Slide review for final is on Thursday April 29, at 7-8 pm in 105 Forum Lecture notes: MODERNISM: Rational form without meaning Simplicity A-Historical POST-MODERNISM: Pluralistic form with meaning: many ways of approaching ideas Complexity Historical references IS IT ART? Pluralistic Answers: Environmental or ecological aesthetic (coincide with nature) Experimental landscapes (Martha Schwartz-made creative, unique such as the bagel garden) NO! (Randy Hester-believed that landscape architecture is not art) Charles Moore created Plaza Italia in New Orleans PLACES AS ART: Example) Tanner Fountain , Harvard: circulation pattern, intersecting pathways. Injected circle of boulders around a mist-fountain (reminiscent of New England), intended to suggest a place of learning. This was designed by Peter Walker, who is still doing landscape architecture Landscapes by A.E. Bye: (Northeast U.S.) these landscapes were
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Unformatted text preview: appreciated much in the early 1980's, they make people aware of nature. He removed parts of nature so people could recognize anothger part. ...he often makes swaying, undulating landscapes which are suttle, thoughtful, and shadows reinforce. Goal is to call attention to natural force • Vietnam Veterans Memorial: (Washington D.C. by Maya Lin) The veterans fought for a memorial, and it was planning was a widely debated competition for design. It was a wall sunken into the earth listing names of veterans in chronological order. Places in a spot which connects it with the Lincoln and Washington Memorials. DEBATE: since the competition was won by an Asian woman, there was tension between the people. This memorial is highly reflecting and acts as and interface between the living and the dead, very moving. All in all, it has a lot of support from the veterans and has been changed a bit over the years...
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  • Spring '99
  • Rusnak
  • Maya Lin, Vietnam Veterans Memorial, ideas Complexity Historical, New Orleans PLACES, widely debated competition

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4.22 LARCH 060 - appreciated much in the early 1980's they...

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