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4/17/08 6:47 PM PHYS10102s08 Mysteries of the Sky - WebCT 4.1.5 Page 1 of 1 Hubble's Law Part I: Using actual data, it can be difficult to judge the length of this star's period. Notice on the graph on page 192 that the Y axis is a luminosity scale, so be careful when answering #2. On #5, use the method of standard candles to estimate the apparent magnitudes of each star. Part II:
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Unformatted text preview: By plotting the stars on the graph, an approximately linear relationship should appear between distance and recessional velocity. Assuming the newly discovered galaxy lies on the line, you should be able to determine its distance from us in #8. Part III: Using the equation for a line, we need to determine the value of H. Different values of H imply different ages for the universe, as discussed in class on March 1....
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