180TA-QS-MIDTERM-F06 - (but NOT Madonna Analyze the...

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Media 180 Study Guide Midterm, 10/30 in discussion section and lecture period. W 10/25: video: “Class Dismissed” M 10/30: short answer part Point values: Short answers: 6% for 5 = 30% Essays: 35% each for 2 = 70% Short answer: 15 possibilities for study. On the exam, you’ll see eight of these and write on five. I. Briefly (a) define the following terms and (b) explain their significance in media studies. (Don’t forget part b!) Mass communication Adbusters Cultural imperialism “Skyscraper model” of culture Oligopoly Indirect payment Bandwagon approach Modernism Partisan Press Regional edition Plain-folks pitch Linear model of communication Globalization “Astroturf” public relations Essays: Seven study topics, four or five will appear on the exam, and you write on two. Distinguish modernism from post-modernism using specific examples
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Unformatted text preview: (but NOT Madonna). Analyze the Columbine massacre as a case study in the role of media effects. Explain how Madonna can be seen as a post-modern performer and how that cultural style differs from the thinking typically applied to a pop singer like Aretha Franklin or Janis Joplin. Describe the theme or main point of the documentary “Merchants of Cool.” Use specific examples. Describe some of the benefits and problems that arise from the prominent role of advertising in our culture. Being as specific as possible, describe the social and cultural concerns surrounding the steady growth of transnational media conglomerates. Discuss the role of the Yellow press in terms of democratic values and commerm....
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This test prep was uploaded on 04/17/2008 for the course MEDIA 180 taught by Professor Parisi during the Spring '08 term at CUNY Hunter.

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180TA-QS-MIDTERM-F06 - (but NOT Madonna Analyze the...

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