Engineering - Degrees of Skill Engineering ENGINEERING The...

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Degrees of Skill Engineering 26 ENGINEERING The study of engineering is concerned with developing, providing and maintaining infrastructure, products, processes and services for society. Engineering addresses the complete life cycle of a product, process or service, from conception, through design and manufacture, to decommissioning and disposal, within the constraints imposed by the commercial, legal, social, cultural and environmental considerations. Engineering relies on three core elements, namely scientific principles, mathematics and ‘realisation’. This creativity and innovation to develop economically viable and ethically sound sustainable solutions is an essential and distinguishing characteristic of engineering, shared by the many diverse, established and emerging disciplines within engineering. In order to operate effectively, engineering graduates need to possess the following characteristics. They will be rational and pragmatic, interested in the practical steps necessary for a concept to become reality. They will want to solve problems and have strategies for being creative, innovative and overcoming difficulties by employing their knowledge in a flexible manner. They will be numerate and highly computer literate, and capable of attention to detail. They will be cost- and value- conscious and aware of the social, cultural, environmental and wider
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Engineering - Degrees of Skill Engineering ENGINEERING The...

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