Chapter 13 notes - HEALTH CHAPTER 13 Health Psychology...

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HEALTH CHAPTER 13 Health Psychology *Concerned with the psychological factors that contribute to health, illness, *Field in which psychological research is conducted & applied to promote *The BIG psychological factor that impacts health is… *STRESS! What is stress? *Physiological & psychological response to an event or condition that threatens or challenges a person & requires some form of adaptation or adjustment *Process of adjusting to circumstances that disrupt or threaten to disrupt, a person’s daily functioning *Stressor –Stimulus or event capable of producing physical or emotional stress –Not the same for all individuals Common Stressors *Task/schedule overload –Too much to do, too little time (deadlines) *Financial concerns *Relationships – with “significant other,” family, friends *Major life changes *Moving, getting married, breaking up, death of someone close *Ongoing “minor” irritations *Noise, traffic, clutter Eustress *Not all stress is bad! *Eustress: stress that is “good” - motivating & not unhealthy for the individual (opposite of “distress”) *Yerkes-Dodson law: states that, up to a certain point, an organism’s
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performance is positively affected by arousal or stress; after that point, additional stress has a negative effect on performance *The ideal level of stress varies from individual to individual The “Executive” Monkey Study Brady (1958) Goals of the study – Investigate whether the stress of receiving electric shocks would lead to stress-related illness in monkeys Investigate whether degree of control over the shocks would have
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Chapter 13 notes - HEALTH CHAPTER 13 Health Psychology...

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