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4.29 LARCH 060 - (common these evolved through use by...

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LARCH 060 Thursday April 29, 1999 Announcements: FINAL EXAM: Tuesday May 4th at 10:10am in 121 Sparks Lecture notes: What is historic landscape preservation?: It is placing value on landscapes that tell human stories. It looks at the meaning of this land based on human views and focuses on saving these places. What is the National Park Service's role in historic landscape preservation?: The National Park Service is charges with taking care of these special places and establishing guidelines for protecting them. This service had expanded much since its formation and is now the leading institution. WHAT ARE: cultural landscapes: ethnic groups settle there, they are also designed by famous architects Historic designed landscapes: places that have been consciously designed by and landscape architect, master gardener, etc...working in a recognized style or tradition. Examples) Monticello, Central Park, Timberline, Riverside Vernacular landscapes:
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Unformatted text preview: (common) these evolved through use by people whose activities/occupancies shaped the landscapes (working landscapes, villages). Examples) Farmland, Waterford in Virginia, Ka'anea, Point Reyes in California Ethnographic landscapes: these have a variety of resources (cultural, natural) that cultural groups define as heritage resources, social and spiritual. These landscapes show a connection with cultural groups. Example) Native Americans and the Southwest US, Petroglyphs, Canyon de Chally, Hubbell Trading Post, Martin Luther King site Historic sites: these connect with poetry and painting and they are recognized for their connection with important people and events/activities. Examples) Vanderbilt estate, Brandy station Why preserve historic landscapes?: These places forge vital connections with the past, retain wonderful places in our world, and extend the legacy for future generations...
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4.29 LARCH 060 - (common these evolved through use by...

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